How To Care For Your Liver? Check These Quick Tips!

No matter what you drink or eat, everything passes through the liver. It is the most important part of the entire digestive system and is the only internal organ in the body that can regenerate itself. While most people don’t realize the importance of the subject, it is essential to keep your liver healthy, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. Below are some quick tips that will help in caring better for your liver.

  • Check your alcohol intake. Alcohol causes a liver condition called ALD or alcoholic liver disease. It can eventually cause the liver tissues to scar, which will lead to another condition called cirrhosis that’s has no cure. Do not have more than two drinks a day if you are man and not more than one if you are a woman. To more, consult one of the known digestive and liver disease consultants.

  • Focus on a fit lifestyle. Yes, you read that right. Obesity and lack of exercise can lead to fat deposits in the liver, and eventually, the organ won’t function as it should. Excess weight is also one of the many causes of “nonalcoholic fatty liver disease”. Even brisk walking for one hour a day can make a difference.
  • Prevent hepatitis. Hepatitis is an umbrella term for varied viral diseases of the liver, such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C. There is no vaccination for hepatitis A as for, but for the rest, you can get immunized. If are someone who frequently travels to new destination, you can protect your liver against viral conditions.

  • Watch your diet. Most of us rely a lot on processed food, refined carbs and other junk products. If you want your liver to stay healthy, watch your diet for saturated and processed fats. Meat is great for your diet, but don’t include a lot of red meats. Avoid sugar to the extent possible.

  • Avoid steroids and illegal drugs. This point is more relevant for fitness enthusiast, who often try drugs and steroids for different bodybuilding needs. Your liver can digest these drugs initially, but the damage caused in the long run is irreversible. Do not use any drug that has been prohibited and banned.

Some of the regular medicines can impact your liver, as well. One of the best examples of such drug is the painkiller called acetaminophen. Check with your doctor to know if he has a few dos and don’ts for your, keeping health history in consideration.

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